FPHC D13 for Enhanced FPOS Intermediate skills

Critical Medical Skills for all Front line Operatives


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​In the event of a multiple casualty incident, such as terrorist shooting or bombing, avoidable deaths can occur very quickly, particularly from bleeding out, military experience from treating casualties in conflict zones has shown how vital immediate action in these circumstances can be.

​The greatest threat to a casualty or a patient after serious injury is time and in a civilian environment, when there is a shooting or stabbing incident the first priority for the emergency services is public safety meaning access to the injured may be delayed.

The training behind the D13 Enhanced FPOS Intermediate qualification empowers the public in these difficult situations to help themselves, their family and friends, and the wider community, while waiting for the emergency services to arrive on scene.

The D13 Enhanced FPOS Intermediate skills course is accessible to the general public to be used at the critical moments when there are multiple casualties from a shooting, stabbing or a bomb where it is known that by having the knowledge and skills at the point of injury we can prevent avoidable deaths.